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Welcome to our website for Tobacco Junction and TJ's Cigar Lounge.  We are a full service Tobacconist and work every day to provide you with the knowledge and choices you deserve when you choose Luxury Tobaccos.

In McGregor we have created one of the Largest Cigar Lounge in Texas and have been open since June 2010.  We have three stores and have been in business since 1997.  Our store at 9th and Adams Ave in Temple has the largest humidor in Temple and carries all major companies.

Our lounge in McGregor has a 400 square foot humidor with a stultz humidifier on a RO system and is environmentally maintained.  We have cigar events often.  We send out event notices and a newsletter via e-mail. 

Our lounge has a full service bar with snack foods available including a great handmade pizza.  Craft Beer and Mixed drinks available.  

Our goal is to provide that extra level of service to our cigar smokers by providing a top quality drink and being able to extend that special experience to our lounge customers.

*America's Coffee Bean Blend
     Excellent Aroma and Smooth Taste

*House Blend
     Firm rich structure, bright acidity balanced with a touch of French Roast

*Morning Blend
     Smooth rich body, sweet smoky undertones, a hint of chocolate on the finish

*Connoisseur Blend
     Nutty overtones, gentle smoky undercurrent

*Sonoran Storm
     A cowboy favorite, smoky and earthy notes with winy accents.  Balanced and smooth, medium body

*Breakfast Blend
     Bold, notes of blueberry

*Evening Blend
     A mellowing brew for the end of the day

     Arbuckles Signature Blend, the taste of the west as you have always imagined